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through specification, prototype, and widespread rollout.


The first step in the process is quantifying the vision, and working closely with our partner to determine the exact need.

Time spent at specification stage is crucial – as it eliminates speed bumps later

The Vision

We join together the initial thoughts, help our partners identify the real value, and quantify the vision.

The Need

We gather complete outline requirements – what is it that our partner wants to achieve?

The Users

We identify everyone who will be affected by the system – users, stakeholders and others – and document their needs.

The data

We define the analytics / data requirements – what data is of importance and how will it be sliced and diced?

The Interface

We assess interface and branding needs – how will the system look and feel (user experience)?

The specification

We pull it all together into a detailed specification document covering beginning-to-end.


We take the specification and work our magic.

 We deliver a live, working prototype for our partner which is a substantially complete version of the final product.

We make it

We tailor a solution using the Lattice Framework to meet the specific needs of our partner.

The hardware

If the application needs special hardware, we design and make it.

We iterate

At every point in the process, we make sure the spec makes sense for our partner. If not, we adjust.

We train

We make sure that all the knowledge transfers to our partner. We make sure they are 100% up to speed before the prototype is deployed.

We deploy

We survey a location of our partner’s choice and deploy a prototype system.

We review

We assess how the deployment went carefully with our partner, to ensure all their needs are met.


We help our partner roll it out more widely in their organisation

We help them capatilise on their investment and realise the business opportunities in their new product or service.

Scaling the vision

We take the prorotype and make sure it is ready for prime time.  We polish, make it ready to scale, and make any changes our partner needs.

Implement the processes

We help our partners to put the processes in place to make widespread rollout a success.

Implement the supply chain

We make sure everything is put in place on both sides to allow the smooth delivery of the rollout.

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