Everything you need to deploy IoT in your business

Wireless hardware, cloud services, mobile apps and web
Lattice provides a complete solution

Wireless Mesh Devices

Doing things in the real world is hard.  Our ZigBee devices are designed to make it easy.

They can sense and actuate many different things, and communicate wirelessly.

Easy to deploy

Simple, compact devices with ultra low power operation make it easy to deploy systems.


Suitable for use in many different applications, the network of devices may be quickly expanded or re-configured to suit the needs of the specific deployment.


Our wireless mesh network adapts to overcome limitations of distance.  Redundant connections overcome the problems of point-to-point wireless links.

The Lattice Hub

A compact, flexible gateway device

The Lattice Hub comes with ZigBee, Ethernet, 3G, WiFi client and Access Point.


On-wall mounting with stylish looks.  The compact Lattice Hub is inobtrusive and easy to deploy.

Offline native

When used for control applications, it keeps things running even if the internet is down.  Everything just works, exactly like it should.

App enabled

Connect directly to the hub over the local network straight from the app.  Or, connect over wifi to set it up, just like a Chromecast.

Flexible real time data model

Our secret weapon?  A custom built, flexible real time data model.

It allows the flexibility to do many different things, and syncs data instantly with the cloud.


Suitable for use with simple or highly complex real-world applications.  The model can represent any situation which is thrown at it.

Easy to set up

Setting up a new deployment?  No problem, just create the model and then map the devices to it.  Even if it’s a non-standard deployment, commissioning is a breeze.

Real time data

With real time data, any changes in the model immediately propagate to the cloud and apps.  What you see on the app is what’s happening in the real world right now.

Extensive Cloud Services

Built to scale, our cloud services provide a robust, zero configuration backbone.

Scalable and Secure by design

Zero configuration and built for scale.  RSA PPK encryption and 2048 bit SSL offer excellent security.

Distributed data storage

Scalable and redundant, our data storage is designed to perfectly match and support our real time data model.

Built in analytics and monitoring

Features automatic historical data management and analysis, along with a watchdog which keeps a close eye on every system to spot potential problems before they happen.

Seamless cross-platform UI

Offer your customers a beautiful, consistent experience everywhere.

 Our seamless cross-platform user interface is availabe on Browser, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

Beautiful, easy to use Interface

Designed to look great, it provides at a glance status and context through colour.  More detailed information is just a click or press away.

Flexible and instant

The UI is tightly bound to the real time data model, and gives up to date information instantly.  It automatically adapts to match the configuration of the specific deployment.

Available everywhere

Available on browser, desktop, mobile and tablet, it gives users access whenever and wherever they need it.


The Lattice Framework is a complete IoT product – everything you need to deploy new IoT based products and services.

Better yet – we do it all – no developers required.  We guide you through the process easily and and tailor the Lattice Framework to bring you all the way to market quickly.


Lattice Research is an Irish IoT company with roots in engineering and business.

We don't offer technology platforms for software developers - we offer solutions for businesses.
We know how to make real-world solutions work, and can help put them to work for your bottom line.