We help companies innovate their business models

We partner with companies to help them monetise new products and services
Let us help you realise new business models using the Internet of Things.


We provide the technology

We offer a beginning-to-end IoT solution
Tailored for any vertical market


We Provide the Know-how and Ability

Sidestep the technical challenges, expense, and risk
We provide clarity and get you to market


We Enable Business Innovation

Businesses are encountering market disruption; it is difficult and expensive to adapt.  Lattice partners with them to provide a pathway to delivering new products and services.

We Provide Know-how and Ability

Many businesses find it difficult to access the right technology. It can be confusing and there is a high risk of failure.  Lattice removes the technical risk and provides clarity.

We Deliver the Technology

Our product provides a beginning to end IoT solution including hardware and software.  It may be tailored to specific business needs, getting you to market quickly.


The Internet of Things is changing the competitive landscape

Companies in many sectors are seeing disruption.
See how IoT is changing the landscape across many sectors.

Our IoT product – The “Lattice Framework” covers everything, from beginning to end

Wireless Mesh Network

Our low power sensor/actuator devices are flexible enough to suit to any application, are compact, easy to deploy and require minumim ongoing maintenance.

Local Hub / Gateway

The Lattice Hub comes with 3G, WiFi and ZigBee and controls everything locally, even if the internet is down.  Apps connect directly to Hubs on the same network.

Unique Real-time Data Model

Delivers information instantly to the cloud and all connected users.  Gives the flexibility to implement complex applications rapidly and allows for easy deployment.

Extensive Cloud Services

Highly scalable zero configuration cloud services with 2048 bit security, distributed data storage, built in analytics and more.

Cross Platform UI

Seamless interface gives a beautiful experience to your users, and is available everywhere they need it – on Browser, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

Beginning To End

We do it all – no developers required.  We guide you through the process easily and and tailor the Lattice Framework to bring you all the way to market quickly.

It looks great too.

It’s not just the technology, we provide the know-how

Gathering requirements

We closely partner with companies form the very start, quantifying the vision and pinpointing the needs of the users and all key stakeholders, in order to generate a comprehensive specification.

Prototype deployment

We thinly tailor the Lattice Framework to meet the specific business needs.  We rapidly deliver and deploy a working prototype which is substantially complete, to start them on the road to market.

Widespread rollout

Once the prototype has been a success, we help out partner to roll it out more widely in their organisation.  We help them to begin realising their vision and to scale it into everyday use.

Internet of Things made easy

See how our technology enables business innovation

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Lattice Research is an Irish IoT company with roots in engineering and business.

We don't offer technology platforms for software developers - we offer solutions for businesses.
We know how to make real-world solutions work, and can help put them to work for your bottom line.